Green Built - Renovations & Remodeling

green home with white trim and columnsR. L. BAKER began using many of the green build methods and practices over ten years ago . . . “and we continue to do so because it is just the smart thing to do for our clients — as well as the environment.”

ELEMENTS OF GREEN BUILDING: energy efficiency, water efficiency, material efficiency, durability and indoor environmental quality. Environment elements are also important, especially for lake front properties.

THE ENERGY EFFICIENCY of a home is the key element in building green. “Eighty percent of all environmental damage on our planet deals with energy — finding it, transporting it, creating it, or using it.” – Joseph Lstiburek, Ph.D., P.Eng., a principal of Building Science Corporation

A GREEN BUILT HOME offers homeowners a safer, healthier, energy efficient and environmentally friendly home.

RENOVATIONS can also take advantage of the many Green Build methods and products for an energy efficient, safe and healthy home.