Incorporating In-Floor Radiant Heating into Your Lake Home

Energy efficiency is very important to us at R.L. Baker Construction as well as our clients. We enjoy designing green built homes that revolve around energy efficiency and being environmentally conscious. Not only is in-floor radiant heat a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and save on your monthly energy bill, but it also provides individual room climate control and allows for greater design freedom.

Is In-Floor Heating More Energy Efficient?

When you opt for in-floor radiant heat – whether electric or in-floor tubing – you will enjoy lower operational costs due to the decrease in energy that is needed to heat your home. Typical radiator heaters operate at high temperatures of 149-167 degrees, whereas in-floor radiant heat requires temperatures of about 84 degrees to achieve the same temperature.

In-Floor Heating Allows for Individual Control Zones in Each Room of Your House

It seems like everyone within a home prefers a different comfort zone, especially when sleeping. In-floor heating solves this problem wonderfully with zoning for each area of the home. Temperature controlled floors provide maximum comfort rising from the floor and warming the room from your feet.

Enjoy Greater Design Freedom with In-Floor Radiant Heating

When you choose to have in-floor heating in your lake home it gives you increased design freedom because you no longer have to factor wall vents or ductwork into the design. Whether it is for functional purposes or purely aesthetic reasons, our clients are very pleased to have the design freedom to add built-ins, incorporate collapsible glass walls, and rearrange furniture without having to be conscious of wall vents.

Can In-Floor Heating be Installed with All Flooring Types?

Wanting in-floor heat but not sure how it will work in your lake home as you transition from room to room with hardwood, tile, and carpet floor coverings? Not to worry, R.L. Baker can install your in-floor heating with any floor covering you desire. You will experience the same climate control, even displacement of heat, and output with any flooring you choose to install. Learn more about the in-floor heating system we use from Warm

Easy Installation and Incorporation with Your Design Choices

When renovating or building your southern Michigan lake home from the ground up, incorporating in-floor heating with your existing design choices is an easy and seamless process for you. All you need to do is select your desired floor coverings and we will do the rest!

For more information about incorporating in-floor radiant heat into your custom southern Michigan lake home build or remodel, give R.L. Baker a call to learn more about our process!